20th of october 2016

now this guy, he is like 6’5′ and he is skinnier than what i usually have crushes on but he trains so that’s just a matter of time, but then considering his height it’s impressive what he has. anyway going off a tangent here, i found out how nice it is being with a guy that knows his stuff. they have these tricks built up from experience and what not. even though it would have been nice to loose it together but somethings are out of control. i don’t know why maybe it was the nerves but i just can’t seem to get wet enough for him the enter, fingers are all good. but i am so tight it needs to be lubricated on a serious level.  i asked him to keep it low key, you know don’t need to be an item  this early. so it was weird after being with him this morning to pretend i haven’t seen him all day.  i told him i was a virgin just before he was about to do anything and it made him lose it though, he was turned on ten times more. it is interesting though how you can tell what type of guy they are, he was  grabbing my ass and just in general pay way more attention on that then my boobs. either way there was no Netflix today just chill, we got 5 minutes in the movie when we ditched it and didn’t finish till the movies credits were done too, and then we tried hunter hunter the anime we got in like 1 minutes legit just the intro song then we got it on again, we paused it, played another 10 and there round 3 started