21st of October 2016

ok so we kicked it again, this is our second time, and after we finished i remembered to tell him i bled last time, which is true.  any how he exhaled deeply and was trying to say something so i told him to just spit it out. he said that he never wanted to take away a girl’s virginity because he doesn’t want to take advantage of her, or even take something that she waited for.  he also told me that he thought i was a virgin from the way i behave in general but when i told him to go easy i am a virgin, he couldn’t stop himself. he also said that he knows its 50/50 but he still felt guilty about it .

i told him he shouldn’t have worn that baseball cap and hoodie on the first day of class cos that’s when the deal was set, as a joke. he laughed and i think i eased him a bit. i told him that he doesn’t need to feel guilty about anything i chose him, and in turn he told me that if u do rethink this he would understand and that i can come over to just chill and not do anything if i wanted to.  in my head i thought how i wouldn’t bother coming over if i was on the red and that i wouldn’t be able not to do anything if i did come over. either way i don’t think i said anything after and then the bell rang he got dressed and it was a delivery.

he got me with those words and i know a guy doesn’t usually say those things, and if they do it’s to keep you locked in, but he sounded so honest about it, and even when we just messing about he is just right, he respects my wishes and in general is caring instead of grossed out(i got a little skin irritation on my bum cos of my tights, and he is an ass guy i was so embarrassed but instead, he was caring about it and still gave me my back message i tried to cover up but instead he said let it breath and even after he asked how it is) , and he doesn’t mind my random questions and is willing to try things out. i know  it sounds weird but i hope this can last for as long as it can. he still hasn’t asked to my boyfriend but i think that takes time with guys, i only know him for two weeks. he did call me ‘love’ but  it might have been just an endearment and nothing more.

one thing for sure i can’t keep him off my mind, he replaced the one before him by far.

OMG i forgot to say , i gave him a handjob in class earlier today, i know i know. it’s bad but you remember how we keep it low key so instead of touching his back i went under his shirt and from there it escalated, i pull his belt and he got the hint to unbuckle. i moved my had away and his reaction was so cute like i took a toy from a little boy, i told him one second, and spat on my hand to make things easier, he didn’t cum or anything cos i could barely move under all those layers but discussion time came and i just had to go and it lasted all the way to the end of class so that was the end of that.

did i tell you he doesn’t cum orally like why, i wanted to taste him so bad. he was close and we talked about it, he said that he never comes orally. and he even asked me if i was sure i never did that before because i am good at it,  either way i made it my mission to make him cum orally and he knows, i researched some more tricks and going to try them with time.