i am so done with this physical 2017 fuckbudy love

i dont want anyone to be all over me with their dicks

i want someone to be all over me with their heart

the only one i ever truly loved is within arms reach

but its easier to get a piece of the moon than his heart

i want someone to appreciate my character

love me flaws and all

for me to ignite a fire using my soul and body.

i want somone to love me on boths a physical and mental level,

i dont want an either or

i want it all

because when i love i give it all, i dont hold back just let me love you

you can have a piece of my soul, heart and mind

you will consume me from head to toe

you can ask for whatever and i will give it to you

you can have the bigger share

even of my soul

i just want you to catch me

thats all