The sun was setting away and it was kissing my head as it passed effortlessly  through the window. I was laying down on my bed not feeling myself, tired and just wanted to be touched and loved. Out of the blue i started daydreaming,

I dreamt that i was at yours, in your arms, but this time it was different, i was more at rest, and you were mine, fully.  i saw the goofy moments, of us messing about before we left the place to go somewhere, i saw us studying and stressing about university together.

I saw us graduating, both our families there, making everyone proud, soon we move out and go to a spacious modern flat, as we both work now and the money is better. The place is empty not too much furniture but we slowly bring more pieces of furniture in as our story becomes deeper, with more details, more memories.

Sooner than later i see baby shoes, doctor appointments and blue and pink, i get blessed with twins, no we get blessed with twins, some arguments along the way as we wait for them to arrive but its all good. They arrive, and we start a new chapter, we are both parents now, not just best friends, lovers and partners in crime, we have kids, we are a family.

I see them family gatherings becoming bigger and bigger, as the kids grow up and our siblings get married too. However we slowly take those chairs in those family barbecues, our son now takes over the grilling of the meat, while we sit there and sip on our tea and coffee. We eventually replace our parents as our kids replace us. With kids of their own soon it would be a whole new family a new generation, however we lived the best life we can, happy days shined over the dark ones. We raised them as god fearing children, we gave to charity and tried to be as close to god as possible. We tried to be righteous. Soon however we will be separated, soon. I just want you to remember all the good, that i might have had to offer. I dont want you to remember me for the bad and ugly. People fear being forgotten but what’s worse for me is being remembered as something i wasn’t. Remember our goofy and fun moments, remember us getting high, remember us just laying next to each other, listening to each others breaths and heartbeats. Remember us fucking around. Remember the good and mostly importantly remember me.