January 4, 2016

Well today was moving day, and I hate moving houses but at least this new house is better than our last one. Actually it’s not a house but a flat. The flat is in a great area very modern and open but the best thing was that for once my room is big, I have a double bed all to myself. Well at least that’s what I have heard.

Having packed everything, we are on our way to the flat, I really hope there is a nice view, living in the city there are no nice views but let’s just hope for a decent one, so that I can like always sit by the window and read. I must admit nothing is better than a good view, on a cloudy and rainy day with a good book and a cup of coffee in each hand.

Aah we are here, so exiting!

So far it looks good from the outside but we don’t have a key for the main entrance, so we ring a random number so that one of our neighbours can open the main door. And my brothers start un loading while we wait for the guy to come down, I take down all my bags ready to take them up for my new room.

The door opens finally, about time really.

The guy that opens the door is an Asian or Arab looking guy, I thought in this area it would be only white people so that’s a surprise, we soon find out that he is Asian and guess what he is our neighbour on the same level as us. He was tall taller than my dad, on the skinny side but strong, as he proved to us by helping us with the heavier boxes. The weird thing is he didn’t even say hey to me, totally just blanked me, rude! But whatever. Everything is inside now, ready to unpack I rush to my bedroom, lift the blind up and great there is a window less than a meter away from my window. Really why!??

God and it looks like a guy’s bedroom without any curtains, who does that. Anyway i just have to live with it I guess. I get unpacking, then go help with the rest of the stuff. Its ten o’clock, finally I can just sit down and rest, I go reach for my book sit by the dead window and sit. But hold on what’s that noise…… there is noise coming from the neighbours, great as if it could get any worse. It is that guy again, he has some loud music on and he is sitting on his computer watching something, how can you watch a movie while listening to something else. Either way I decided to call it a night and just go to sleep, thank I god I was tired otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to sleep with all that noise.

Next day all we did was unpacking, and some more unpacking. It was a long day but we finally finished everything so there is nothing more to do tomorrow.

I opened my laptop to do some writing, I am three days behind. And then I hear it again but now with metal plates hitting each other, I peak through the window and yes there he is again with some weights, who lifts at such a late hour. I just take a deep breath and put my headphones in. I work till midnight then read till fajir. I then catch an hour of sleep and wakeup to get ready for university. I open the door and wait for the lifts, and the neighbour’s door opens, great I hate small talk. I turn to go for the stairs but it was too late, and guess who, its that same dude, does anyone else live in that house? I just smile and nod, but I get totally blanked. And he waits for the lifts too, could this be any more awkward. We both go in and just stand there, I take my phone out and try to untangle my headphones, but it’s just getting worse. He laughs,

“can I help you?” I say.

“ sorry its just good to know that its not only me who struggles with those headphones” he replied

I didn’t know what to say, so I stayed quite.

“how are you finding it?” he asked

“good but could do with a better view”

“ooh so you are the one with the room opposite mine”

I nodded


The door opens and I leave. Sadly, he takes the same journey as me, great. And to my surprise he goes to the same university, even better. How could this get any worse, this rude guy is going to ruin every morning. I find out that he is taking some science course, and after some more generic questions asked and answered I tell him that I have some stuff to read, so he leaves me alone, I go to sit on the last empty seat on the train. After a while I feel like someone is watching me, I look up, and there he is staring, he looks away quickly, yup I caught him staring at me. I act as if I didn’t notice, and go back to my book. I lose myself within the book and forget what stop I am at, till he called my name, I looked up and he said we are here. So I collect everything and leave.


“no worries, you lost your self in that book”

“yeah, I tend to do that a lot”

“I don’t read”

“I figured” I whispered




He sees his friends and excuses himself. Hey he is not as bad as I thought, he has some manners at least.

  • –    –     –

We have been here for a few months now, and I am getting more used to the bad view and horrible noise from our neighbours, he has such a boring routine when he is at home, either watching movies or working out and then you have those moments where he pretends that he is studying. I have seen him more topless than him holding a book, his birthday is soon, might get him a top to keep him covered.

I have my curtains and blinds down tonight but the temperature is too hot in the room so I lift the blinds to open the window, and damn I wish I didn’t. he was standing there fresh out of the shower still wet with just a towel on and holding a book for once, wearing his glasses. He is reading a book that I recommended about a week ago. I quickly look away and lower the blinds again and totally forget about the window.  I think I will just go to bed instead.

That weekend we are invited over to our neighbours it’s the first time we go to theirs, usually they come over at ours. Their house is cute, simple and has a few vintage pieces here and there. After a while it turns out that he has changed his course and is struggling with the work, they know that I have done all of his material last year they force me to teach him, his mum makes me promise to help him not fail this year. So we go to his room and out of habit I straight away look out of the window. Oh my god my curtains are see through without the blinds!!!! All those train trips and he never bothered to mention it! I was just going through the list of things I have done while the blind where up, he has seen me change and everything. I just stormed out and went straight home, my mum asked me where I am going, I told her that I am sick from the spicy food that they served and need to rest. She nodded because their food was spicy and she knows I can’t handle it.

How could he do that; I was furious. I will be so happy if he failed now, and maybe got hit by a bus too. I went put the blinds down and covered myself with the covers.

Soon I was woken up, there was tapping on the window, I put something on my head and pulled the blinds up, he was hitting the window with a broom. I opened the window.

“What do you want at such a late hour?”

“I wanted to know why you left so quickly today”

“Really?, really?, my curtains turned out to be see-through and you never bothered to mentioned it”

“You never even asked me if I ever looked through the window”


“I never looked through the window since the moment I realised that the curtains are see-through”


“Well don’t believe it, if you don’t want to “

I closed the window, but before I reached the bed there was more tapping.

“what now?”

“I am sorry, I should have told you”

One look from his eyes and my anger went

“fine but never keep something away from me like that, and turned that noise off that never seems to stop!” I was nearly shouting. He smiled and reached to pick something up, he handed me a flower. I took it from him and let it drop down to the ground floor.

“awch” he said

“to bad….. tomorrow at 5, we start classes”

He grinned like I just told a kid we are going to Disney land.

“don’t get to happy, that’s 5 am”

“hold on what? I never wake up before 12 pm!”

“ too bad” I lowered the blinds and took  a deep breath, why did I do this, offer him classes. I guess I just did it for his mum since I promised I will help him not fail this year.

Let’s see if he wakes up now.


The agreement

He actually was on time, it looks like he is serious this time about doing good, I open the curtain and see him there standing,



“are we doing the classes here across the window?” he asked

“obviously I am not coming around your house this early”

“ok then?” he rolled his eyes


We started the lessons, he was really behind the course like three months’ worth of work. This was going to be long, but at least he looks serious about this. You know what he actually looks good while he is studying; he has a cute focused look. Lets see how long he will keep up this work. I am a nice person but I dont allow for people to use me so after a long discussion he agreed to teach me how to drive, in return for the classes. he also has to wear more than what he usually does.  At the end of about a month and a half, this should be all over. That’s our agreement at least.

With every lesson he seems less of a waste of air and now I can see how hard working he is, and that he is actually nice, he might not be the brightest of people but I can tell you for sure he is a person that is stubborn and determined.  I also know that god has spent some extra time on him, and he likes to maintain that in addition to show it off to the world.  We have been working like crazy we start from 5 on weekends and work all day at the library of the university during week days.  

One session, I gave him some questions to do, so I picked up a book in the meantime.

“why do you always stare at me?” I caught him staring again.

“what do you mean?”

“Don’t think that I haven’t noticed, you do it all the time”

“fine I just love how you just lose yourself in a book, I wish I could do that”


“ you just let yourself go and travel within those lines on those pages. You had me on the day you moved in, I saw you reading totally unaware of what is happening, of me. Trust me no one just ignores me, or my entrance.”

“I thought you ignored me so I just got busy with everything, you didn’t even say hi”

“I did, you just never heard me”

“oh….” I blushed

“honestly you are the only one to get me like you do, everyone thinks I am some big headed know it all, but you gave you your time and was actually bothered to help me out without judging me”

I didn’t know what to say

“it has been a month now, ten more days and this agreement is over. Even though we argue all day, every night I just want to climb over to your room and stay the night”

Hold up what the hell did he just say? He treats me like a peasant but he says now that he likes me, I think he just read what I was thinking, and the smirk he always has just went away.

“look I shouldn’t have said that, it was too much I know. I just wanted to say that I am not going university today, so see you tomorrow?”


The last bit was more of a question than anything else, so I just nodded.

That was really weird, he is what you typically label as a jock and me on the other hand, well lets say I have the personality of a goth mixed with the looks of nerd. He just made this agreement which was finally becoming bearable to be really awkward; more than when we started.


Behind every cloud there is a sun

The next 10 days where awkward like super weird. He stopped taking the journey with me to university, and he keeps on finding excuses for the time we usually studied in the library together. The only time I see him is at our 5 am classes and when it’s time to teach me how to drive. I stopped seeing him at all, even in the evenings, when he used to spend time in his room.

My family lefts for the weekend to visit some family friends in another city but I have an exam this Monday, so I couldn’t go with them. They left this morning with my brothers in the family car. Like usual I read a book by the window but this time with the blinds up and the window open because it’s a hot day, and he wasn’t in. i lost my self within the lines on the pages, I lived the story of the main character. And then is when I lost my balance and I fell out of the window thank god I managed to hold on to the window rim. I called for help but then remembered that no one is home. He appears out of nowhere, asks if anyone is at home to help me out. I tell if that if they where they would have come to help me by now. He tells me to hold on till he comes around. He comes into my room, and pulls me up. I was cold and shaking, so he hugs me tight. And the rest was memory.

I wakes up in bed the next morning and I smell some amazing food, eagerly I get dressed and leave my room, it all came back to me the house was empty so the smell was from the neighbours. I knock on the neighbour’s door, and he is there wearing an apron, and he welcomes me in, we share breakfast, it was the beginning of an amazing weekend. We spend the day together, he tells me all about what happened last night, as I can’t remember a thing

He tells me at the end of the day, that he has to stop running, and that he is going to stop running away from me, I tell him that we can set each other free, you are the yin to my yang, we are opposite but we complete each other in every way possible. Two young people home alone left for the weekend, let’s just say the rest was history.

I got him to read and he got me to watch and observe, apparently there is more to movies than meets the eye, just like him.

i was confused about everything but one thing I knew for sure, that this was the best weekend for sure, it was the sun behind those clouds.

Reach for the stars to get the moon

The days became weeks which in turn turned into months, we stayed the night up together, and the days apart. It wasn’t on purpose, it just happened, during the day there was classes, family, friends to kept us apart but under the cover of the darkness of the night there was nothing separating us, we kept each other a secret, it was a silent agreement, we never spoke about it I just happened to be like this.

He always came in at night when my parents are asleep, we kept the windows open for a quick escape but the cold wasn’t an issue as we kept each other warm. One night he told me he has a secret.

“spill it out then” I said. I have never been fond of secrets, they always meant bad news.

“you know how I have been training to join the team, right. So I made it , but there is a thing where I have to go for a week, that’s this week”

Like usual I was right,

“sure that’s fine, that’s great news actually. I am really happy that you made it” obviously I left the fact out that I am sad he is going for a whole week, not even 5 days but 7.

“yeah,do you mind?”

“no why would I?”

And that was the end of the conversation, he left the next morning.


The end

That week everything changed. I didnt like the cold nights, i didnt like the lack of time spend with him. But it made me realise how out of power i am. We did the powerexchange.  And i dont like to be addicted to anything, whether a person, a drug, a thing. So when he came back i never opened my window again. Since we never spoke in the day, and i didnt open the window at night, he never came and talked to me. He never tried to approach or ask or contact me in anyway. Just like that it was as if this whole time he was a ghost that manifested into a guy under the covers of the night.