At first i  wanted to call this post my two identities, but then i realised it aint just two and they aint identities.

i am more at the ‘lost soul’ stage, trying to figure everything out slowly, but at the same time on this discovery mission, its like i am getting more off track. i am wandering into the forest, going into the wild side. discovering my  natural wild self. i am meeting all these other lost souls. its  like the world is here, or maybe this is my new whole world. the problem is our souls aint dancing together, our melodies last for a day. the vibes get cut off after a week.

i am a lost soul, trying to find myself. i am doing the most right now, maybe if i calm down and settle down, find a spot i can find myself again. maybe i need to find someone with the same melodies, someone who could dance the night away with, and vibe with the next morning.

i was content before but the more i see the more i get lured in the darker side, i see my lost soul tripping. while i am just sitting here, seeing myself get further away from me. its like watching your own movie. your body is moving, interacting, dancing, and i am just watching it from afar.

however there are moments where my soul comes back to me, the moment you get to see some ‘good’ or ‘positivty’. something or someone that wouldn’t have only liked my wild side, but my true me as well. someone that i can share my changing melodies with and they will keep up dancing with it.

my feet ache after each day, as those days my soul and body would be running trying to discover, but i am tired now and need a rest. i cant keep lighting the darkness. i need to find a soul brighter than mine to share the energy and brighten this wild wood.