18 October 2016 

One time there was a fairy, just like a rose. Soft and delicate but strong and kept her self-protected with thorns. There was nothing wrong about her, always loving kind and big hearted, except one thing the fact that she was sceptical and afraid to trust anyone. She brought out the best out of everyone that was her gift. She had long pitch black hair, and crazy big curls, she hated it since it got in the way of her wings, she loved wearing white, as it was the only colour that made her relax. She was on a quest to discover the world and in turn learn about herself, she made a plan on all the places she wanted to be, she has been to Nyraqia, the place she was born in her home land, the land that people called ‘god’s gift’, it was rich with so much bounties, it was a place for the noble.

Aisrep, was the first on the list to discover, the people are nice and taught her so much about life, mostly gave her a reality check for the world she lives in and equipped her with the will and ability to fight for what she needs and wants, it set her ready for her quest. Sysyria, dnalloh and finnaly she is at xandan , next was abudi, and all the medietas excortus

So at some point she was approached by prince, a true gentleman, well at least that’s the image he gave off.

She was talking to him for a long time and after he told her he fell for her, and she wasn’t sure yet

So she asked to meet his family as the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

He warned her that his brothers are beasts

Not a charming princes like him

Rude and womanisers ugly and just not good

She was worried but still wanted to meet them

She saw them from afar they looked like the prince, exactly the same

But you cant judge a book by its cover

One of them ‘beast’ had a wife snake, wrapped around his neck, being afraid of snakes she didn’t talk to him

So she talked to the younger one

And at first she realised that what the prince said is true, he was a vulgar beast

Nothing good about them

But soon the brother started painting a different image of him self, she brought out the good within him

And she started seeing him less disgusting with time

Durning  that time she was away from her prince he turned into the beast himself

The more the younger brother was changing into a prince, the more the prince turned into a beast

But when the younger brother legalised that the fairy was talking to the older brother, he quickly changed back into the beast

And the fairy realised that the apple doesn’t fall from the tree

And that she was the paint for the picture both brothers that they put up, that was her charm and curse, she helped bring out the best of people

She was like the soft touch on a wound, healing and reassuring

She was what made them look like princes


So she carried on her quest alone, to experience the world, but in the back of her mind she  hoped that she will meet her true prince

A  prince that was a prince before her

A true

Prince charming