I wrote this two years ago, with a friend of mine. each part separated by ‘ — ‘on which the next part written by the other person begins.



Once upon a time there was a young boy, he was very popular because he was considered to be the smartest around town. He had loads of friends, the guys loved to hang out with him, and the girls loved to chat with him. Yet he still was lonely and he couldn’t stand it when he was alone, maybe because he didn’t live with his family or maybe because he felt that all these friends are not was he is looking for.

So one day  he felt lonely again so he got an idea of why not go for a walk in the park. Even the with the animals he had a great charm, ducks would follow him and the birds sat on his arms. Yet he still didn’t feel any better but then there was a single rose, revealing its beauty in the solitude that it was in and it had the strongest most enchanting smell. The rose just removed his loneliness just like that maybe because it reflected what he was.

So he reached to pick it out of the ground. So the rose begged him not to because if he did so it won’t be a matter of time for her to die. But if he left her in the ground he can visit her everyday and she will be there for him to talk and remove all his sadness and his pain, but he said “trust me I know best you won’t die and I will take care of you. All my friends say I am the one with the most wisdom in this town and so I know how to take care of you”. So he picked the rose and took her home he put her in a small vase with some water. With a second glance he left the house to meet up with his friends.

He came back later that night and found out that the rose was nearly going to die. So he was really sad and whispered “what can I do”. She replied “it won’t matter now as it can’t be turned back to how I was, it will be morning soon which is when I am going to die”. He started crying and was really upset. But she said “there there it’s ok I will be always in your heart and you will remember me whenever you are lonely again”. So he kept on crying till he fell asleep. When he woke up he saw that the rose had finally died. He put the rose in the river to say good bye. From that moment on he swore if he found another person or thing like her, he would cherish it till the last day of his life.




It was another bright and windy morning, she walked across her normal morning route to work, wrapped up all tight and warm, she had that powerful and majestic aura around her, women would stare and men would fall.
She was the new rose.

As she walked into the coffee shop, the doorbell jingled, a gush of cold wind lifted the atmosphere,
“mornin Ma’am, the usual ?” The waiter asked.
“Please” with a warm smile she replied.

Polished shoes, a dark coat and a charismatic posture… Something was different about him, he wasn’t the same as others from the town. He was reading the morning newspaper while sipping away a freshly made cup of tea. A simple gaze from his shoes to his hair, she was caught directly into his line of sight, but she couldn’t look away, widening her eyes, it was like he had enchanted her, she blushed in awe, and complete embarrassment.

“Here is your coffee ma’am” as the waiter walked towards her breaking the tension, “don’t worry, it’s been paid for”
Baffled, she questioned “Paid for? By whom?”
As he signed with his eyes, “the lovely gentlemen over there”
She looked once again to the man across the room but this time, confused and surprised altogether

As the waiter walked away, she spontaneously took hold of her belongings and walked towards the far side of the coffee shop yearning for an answer, completely terrified she swallowed her might,
“may I?” She mumbled before finally finding her voice. He slowly lowered his newspaper and looked up, smiling “sure not at all” signing for her to take a seat opposite him.

He was running late as he took hold of his belongings and rushed out of the coffee shop, leaving a concealed piece of paper besides a untamed rose where he was once sat
“Wait! You forgot…” Picking the paper up and waving it frantically. But it was to late he had already left the shop and gotten into the taxi, she didn’t even manage to get a name…

She soon sat back down in complete and utter upset, would she ever see him again? He was the only one in a long time who had made that smile come out without her own will, as she thought to herself gazing down at the piece of paper and rose…

“As flowers stretch to the sky, yearning for some light, I would sit there watching,
Questioning myself until the moon was shone,
I would sit there observant. Patiently waiting

Centuries have passed in the context of my emotions, And the dawn of day has truly deserted me.
Only a few seconds of honest devotion I have left to weep, But they too have now become years of loneliness, passing by like the twinkle from the river bed

I am difficult, I know, it is part of the deal,
But I have chosen my moon wisely.
I am annoying, I know, but my feelings are concealed,
And only you are there to soften them once they are revealed.

Our thoughts have made us different yet made us the same.
You are more than enough, so I won’t complain.
Because, in my darkness you are there, in my darkness I cannot fall from my chair,
I am what you are to me, a different kind, but non the less you are still mine”

Bringing that rose closer to her to smell it’s glorious aroma, she too now had to go, but would she ever see him again, was unknown



She had her same old daily routine but everything had changed since that day. The day that she found her sun, he brightened her day and gave her hope, ever since then the days have been gloomy in comparison. She never met a person let alone a guy that broke down the walls that she had up without her even knowing that they existed.

She had so many questions who was that paper and rose for?

For her? That wouldn’t be possible, she was a lady that loved her backstage no attention lifestyle. No one ever noticed her. But he did? Why? What was it about her? Or the better question would be what was about him that enchanted her like that.


Either way she kept on going to that coffee shop in the hope of seeing him again, yet every day that same chair he sat on was empty. She would have thought she had imagined the whole thing if it wasn’t for the rose petals on her nightstand. Her memory  of the day is still as clear as the skies today. It has been months now, the snow came and left, the days are longer and the weather has been nicer and warmer, just like his smile when she asked him if she can take the seat opposite him.

They talked about everything, from religion to philosophy, to movies. Everything. They just skipped the small talk and connected as if they knew each other since primary school. In the rush of the moment she totally forgot to ask him about his name but that didn’t matter anymore she just wanted to see him.


She walked in and too afraid to look at the empty seat, she just went straight to the same waiter that she is actually quite fond of by now. She smiled and nodded and the waiter  knew exactly what she wanted not in the mood for any small talk. Still too afraid to look she kept on looking at the waiter making her drink. But the waiter nodded behind her and said “he is here”. She froze not knowing what to do. She then slowly turned around and he was there walking towards her. All those days of disappointment just went away and the only thing she felt is the butterflies in her stomach and how weak her knees felt. She practiced this moment in the mirror so many times but now she was left speechless, he had that strong but protective energy to him and she felt at peace finally after those restless nights. He opened his mouth to talk…. But it was to late and everything went black…..

She woke up… Lost … Where was she and why is it so dark.
Then she remembered.
She saw the guy that stole her rest and fainted. She looked around and realised she isn’t in her house.  A lady walked in and said ‘hi there you ok?’ She nodded and waited for an explanation.
‘ Hun my brother told me you fainted in the store and he brought you here to rest, as he couldn’t have left you there all alone.  Don’t worry I opened up your blouse and he hasn’t been in this room at all. Just me.’ She freaked out looking around and at her top and she realised that her scarf wasn’t there either. Everything was piled on a chair neatly folded. She tried to sit up but she couldn’t. The sister said ‘ there there the doctor said that you might not have been eating, drinking or sleeping well so you need to rest for now.’  
She thanked her for everything and hoped she wasn’t a pain if she could just ask for a ride home. She didn’t want to be more of a burden. She got dressed and opened the door to leave the room. And there he stood again looking at her like no one ever did before. At least not in the way he did, he saw her for her.
‘So you’re going’ he said. His voice just as she remembers from the coffee shop day.
She replied ‘ yes and thanks for everything. I don’t want to be more of a burden than I have been.’  
He told her ‘ you can’t leave till you have dinner’
Dinner she thought, how long has she slept.
She tried to decline but there was no hope and from there on they had more coffees and more meetings more visits and they got closer and closer to each other with each day.



She started the day with the best of moods and got ready as soon as possible, she couldn’t delay anything today, and headed to the supermarket

“That would be 23.76 please.”

She handed the cashier the money and took her groceries and smiled as she walked out the super market, knowing today was going to be the day, she waited weeks just preparing for tonight and nothing was going to come between her and her destination

The sun was shining, the clouds were dancing and the sparrows singing. Her cheeks were turning red and slightly hurting now from how happy she was, she had waited for weeks and nothing could ruin her mood

She walked in and turned on the lights and place the groceries on the counter, she threw her clothes on the floor as she walked towards the shower, one layer after another.

It was just like any typical day, nothing going his way, he woke and found out he was already running late, jumped out of bed rushing around shouting, “keys, keys!” Why? He lived alone but thinking out loud usually made him feel less lonely at times. He sprung the door open and dashed towards the car, not knowing he had just left the most important thing behind, he had been waiting for  weeks for tonight and he couldn’t mess anything up.

“Come on!, hurry up, you drive slower than my grandma!” He was already late and traffic wasn’t on his  side either, right, left, right, right, left… It was nearly 1pm when he arrived at work. He snuck around the back because the only thing that could make it worse now was… ” ‘cough’, where do you think you’re going mister”, that, he worked for a small law firm downtown and he absolutely hated his boss… “aha no where sir, I..I.. I was just looking for my pen that I dropped aha.”
“Third time this week,”
“But sir”
“No buts, go work on case 67! I want it on my desk by tonight”

“Urg I hate him! You better have the case on my desk bla bla bla” he couldn’t stop thinking of running his boss over in the parking lot and pretending it was an accident… he took his shoes off and closed the door behind him, looked at the counter and remembered about tonight, ” oh my, thank god” he didn’t  lost it, quickly ran towards it and opened it, thank god it was still inside, still sparkling just the way he saw it in the shop.

‘Ring ring, Ring ring’, “Helloooooo, oh heya, yep I’m on my way home right now, can’t wait, uh ah, okey doke, take care, love you byeeeee”
she couldn’t wait any longer she just couldn’t, it was killing her, she pushed the door open and  kicked the door behind her  and ran up the stairs, she had bought a dress just for today and it was 3 sizes smaller, she was determined to fit in it, all those gym classes better have worked, “62kg, oh my god seriously, crap” She  had actually gained weight, how was she going to fit in the dress now, she just jumped into her bed frustrated.

“Still up for tonight?”
“You bet!”
“Okay see you there”
“Love you byeeee”

she was waiting for what seemed like hours, she wasn’t going to be late this time, not like what happened last time, she still hadn’t made it up to him. “Heyyy” she heard as she turned around and saw him walking towards her with one hand behind his back, she greeted him with a warm smile as he kneeled in to kiss her forehead, everything went quiet, not a worry in the world, not even a pin drop of silence remained. She slowly opened her eyes to see him kneeling down with a bouquet of her favourite flowers, she covered her face giggling as her cheeks turned red, she took his arm and raised him for a hug. A few seconds passed when he invited her into the restaurant, walked her to the table and pulled her seat back and helped her like a gentleman. She couldn’t stop blushing from how handsome he looked. He signalled the waiter after we had settled down and was ready to order, and what a order it was, he knew exactly what she wanted.


As they waited for the food to arrive, she couldn’t resist but to compliment (make fun out of) his fashion sense and tease him, not to worry he did a whole lot of that too. As the food came they took right in and couldn’t wait any longer, she was always surprised as to how much he could eat without throwing up and not even gaining one inch of a pound, he always made her forget her table manners in a good way, so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable at all eating as much as she wanted, “how’s the food chubby cheeks” as he rubbed the right side of his lips”  , she felt so angry at him, “shhh you” as she  blushed, but didn’t realise that he was talking about the huge mess she had made.

As they finished eating and he had finally stopped making fun out of her in public, her cheeks finally came back to their normal colour, And he called for the waiter and knew what he wanted for dessert. But before the waiter could bring them the thing that would’ve topped the night, something happened…

He didn’t know what to expect of it at the time, but nonetheless he wasn’t going to take no for an answer, so he got up and walked away, not even taking a glance of what just happened behind him. she was in tears as she shouted his name, over and over again, she may have just made the worst decision of her life.

*** memories are but what we make of them***

She was sitting in the library all her friends talking and discussing things from work to things to do this weekend. They were having a great time, yet her mind was not there. She was thinking of the sun, that one’s appeared in her life and changed her vision forever. Yet it’s quickly hid back behind the clouds, and left her in this gloomy world.
They asked her what wrong but like always she smiled and told them that she is fine. Of course by now she was a professional at hiding her pain, from even the nearest people to her. She excused herself and told them she has a meeting to go to, a meeting that she didn’t have. Instead she just started wandering and walking her mind preoccupied with her sun, she never meet anyone like him before so strong in his presence yet so gentle and soft. He made her laugh and forget everything she ever was worried about. She never she could be this lonely, she used to enjoy her solitude but now she wants him to be there all the time as without him she loses her sanity.
She kept on walking and without realising she found  in the place he once promised her to meet him. But she knew he won’t be there. He is a galaxy away. In another world on the same planet. She felt a sting in her heart. He broke it and left her just like that. She knew now why they call it a broken heart. The thing is they didn’t tell anyone and that just made it worse as she couldn’t tell anyone.  She went to the coffee shop and just sat there her drink became ice. Just like her heart. Her walls are up and they need to be taken down again. She still regretted the day she said no, but that was because she was afraid. He could have just hugged  her and  her worries would have melted away. He told her that day what the rose symbolised to him and how she was his rose again.  But just like before he did the thing the rose told him not to and let her float away in the river.