another co written piece, written December 2015/January 2016

Our story is split in two but that is the beauty of life

This started out as a friendly game,

We meant for each other

But crossed paths at the wrong time,

emotions are Weird, breathless you left me,

skipped a beat my heart did for you, Beautiful and elegant

the first time I saw you, there is no comparison to ever walk this earth, Totally unique you one of a kind, once in a lifetime

She’s an… Angel sent from above on patrol.

I want to know more but I can barely write down a simple rhyme

Have a good day, yesterday you didn’t only make my day but my week for sure … And made up for my lost sleep


This started nothing but a question or two

But the he left her speechless too

And there was nothing that she could do

He was her mind day and night.

But that’s was cause her fright.

Was it his concept or his sight?

But let’s try something new.

And see how it is written in the stars.

Our story is split in two and that the beauty of life.

But she needed something more raw,

more deep,

more real.

So she can rest.

She took his sleep but he took her soul.

Many have told their feelings to her but nothing skipped the check list like he did. She is still waiting for the moment she can just rest in his presence.

Yesterday was the first and maybe not the last. But she didn’t give her time to anyone like yesterday, her smile didn’t leave her face one second.


She stole everything.

His soul

His heart

His mind

She would have stolen his body too if she wanted to.

But now that she enchanted him.

It his turn now.

To enchant her

To chase her.

And man he needs to be prepared.

She needed a guy that gave her his soul.

She needed a connection that’s unbreakable.

She needed the  raw and the darker emotions.

Not dark because of how bad they are.

But hey that’s not an issue.

No she wanted his dark emotions, dark because he never reviled them to any person before.

The more she stole his heart the more he pushed her away.

He wasn’t giving her, what he told her.

And the connection was breaking.

And so was her heart.

She needed a man to jump in the deep end, blindfolded.

That’s how she can know that he is real.

Because damn she is real.

She can’t give only a bit.

It’s an all or nothing thing with her.

And what if he couldn’t handle her all and leave her.

She is in this grey world and she loves her monochrome.

She was lost and he was dragging her deeper with each second.

Was he enchanting her or was it all her work.

She still didn’t know if it was his concept or his talk.


My emotions I will hide, define I shall try, the magnitude, your status is high, As I set my eyes on the holy being, My pain-filled sobs and tears jumping, my heart chanting, aching, where are you my love

Where do I stand in your life

U keep me surprised, I still don’t know where i lie.

In your heart or in the sky.

I am laying here

Feeling him here yet he is so far away.

I have lost it that’s for sure, u can’t feel another soul. But I guess that’s what happens when u are out of control


This voice tells me to prepare for her presence,

so when walking through a world of lessons,

I captured all that I can.

With each lesson I found myself astounded,

Within every smile in her, I saw God’s craftsmanship


Life is a lesson that has been gifted by God.

I am just waiting for the person that will take my hand.

And go through it.

To prepare for his mighty presence at the end of the day is our goal together.


You spent the day with me, where our hearts held hands and our spirits danced as we smiled, I think that was better than a rose

I wish you could visit me and my broken heart, When the love of your remembrance becomes pale

Waiting for you has ruined me

And the ruins have built a home within


Waiting for me is like waiting for the stars.

They don’t ever reach you.

U see their shine in the dark night

Until u have enough of their sight

And go with all your might

To them you go and reach

That’s the only way to preach.

My family is my earth.

They support me and they are what is stable.

There are no hidden truths.

And they know what I am able to do

You are like my star

Shining bright but from afar

Our only connection is the sky

Is through the wifi

I could cut the connection dry.

But my

You can get angry and fall from the sky

And then it will hit me to the core

It will hurt the floor

My earth

The one that gave me birth

I am not sure what to do

Please help me if you knew

U looked at me but not into my eyes

And that’s a world difference


In a world of cruelty, a virtue was my weakness,

Like a diamond it would reflect her brightness,

With a flag falling I shaped it to my happiness,

My love hidden, she made it priceless,

With her love she had made a promise

To quench my thirst what was once my purpose


If you want them then the fewer I write the more they’ll  hit

If you need them then the more I write the more they’ll hit


The ripples of the ocean, the warmth of the sunset, the single key that unlocks my true emotions

I wish you nothing but happiness, my princess.

I am insignificant, and will remain so, until I am in your arms forever more.