22 june 2017

As strong as we like to view the male, the guy, the man, as the stronger gender there is a lot of small things that could intimidate him. Their souls is just as delicate as the female, even though they put up this hard exterior and that could be most likely the biggest difference, that we as females have excepted by society norms and natural instinct, while the other gender, the male, is in nature dismissive to the idea of them being intimidated by other things, especially the opposite gender.

The male could be intimidated by a female on so many levels, especially her confidence, whether its sexual confidence, physical confidence, financial confidence etc. Which is totally opposite for a female, a mans confidence can attracted a women, regardless of his looks or current status, more specifically the type of confidence has to be true confidence and not the showing off type, as that will just put the female off. For example a guy that truly has confidence in himself wont be boasting about all that he owns, about his money or anything else he thinks will attract her. Then you have a male that walks in and doesn’t have that need to prove his presence, that silent  confidence does all the talk for him.


I feel like sexual, physical , financial confidence in that order that they are mentioned in intimidate the man, from the most to the least. I think that if a female can outperform the male partner on a sexual performance or skill level, it will make the male be intimated and unsure about his ability to preform to the extend that it will be hindering his true potential. Males will start to think that she must have gotten this set of skills thus her confidence by being with multiple guys many times, so in their mind they will start to compare themselves to people they wouldn’t even know, on a physical level, as in are they a good size, are they attractive enough. And on a skill level, will they be able to please her, can they outlast her other partners etc.

Obviously they wont think that she could have been with one guy, in her whole life, she just is in tune with her sexuality, or has a higher sexual drive thus making her more eager to explore and initiate it on a regular.

In comparison to the female, if her male partner seems to know more then her, yes she will think about his previous partners and she will have that moment of insecurity too but then she uses that energy to try outperform his previous partners and try to impress him.

A female with physical confidence, can intimidate her male partner too, if she knows she can attract guys and they are willing to wait till he is out of the picture or even before he leaves. It will make him uncomfortable and on edge at all times, watching out for his female partner in case she finds someone who has more to offer. This is one of the main reason that men want to their women to cover up, its a protective jealousy, they dont want other men to see her and thus try to approach her and offer her more then what he can.

Finally if she has the financial confidence, thus her ability to provide for her self, he will be intimidated but not as much, becouse if she isn’t confident in her physical appearance, she will need him on level in her point of view which is more important. A financial stable women doesn’t always know how to truly make use of that money to help her in more than just providing, thus she will still need the emotional side of the male partner, becouse you can tell if a person is physically attractive and sexual energy is always felt but you cant really tell if a person is rich to a certain extend, thus they wont be getting that constant attention on the road. Which leads them to still needing their partner.

whatever it is, the male is intimidated by the female alot more than what people like to think.

why do you think the power exchange is that when in love the female becomes the males weakness, while the male will become the females strength.